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Rwanda celebrates the International Day of Families-Virtual celebration due to Covid-19

Kigali-Friday 15 May 2020-Today, Rwanda joins the rest of the world to observe the International Day of Families under the national theme: 'Building a resilient and safe family'.

This year’s International Day of Families celebration comes amid #COVID19, a global pandemic that has affected so many people around the world.

The Minister of Gender and Family Promotion Prof. BAYISENGE noted: ‘Due to preventive measures, there will be no gathering to celebrate this day.  We are rather holding virtual celebrations by delivering messages through social media and mass media on building a resilient and safe family.’

Celebrating the International Day of Families is an opportunity to promote awareness on issues affecting the family well-being, discussing how to address them and promote the family at large.

‘While we observe the International Day of Families, we call upon family members; men, women, boys and girls to embrace the culture of complementarity in order to a build a resilient and safe family’-underlined Prof. BAYISENGE


In line with the International Day of Families celebration, a talk show is slated to take place on Sunday, 17 May. The show will be aired on Radio Rwanda and Rwanda Television and other RBA Community Radios in chorus. It will feature the Minister of Gender and family Promotion Prof. BAYISENGE Jeannette, the Minister of State in Charge of Social Affairs at the Ministry of Local Government Hon. NYIRARUKUNDO Ignatienne, Mr. HABYARIMANA Charles, President of Famille Espérance and a model couple.  There have been similar radio and TV talk shows over the week.

The International Day of Families was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993 with resolution A/RES/47/237.

It is celebrated every year on 15th May to reflect the importance the international community attaches to families. This year, the day is observed under the global theme: 'Families in Development: Copenhagen & Beijing + 25'